Introducing a NEW way to fasten Decking fastened on ANY Angle!!!


  • Compatible with Composite, Hardwoods, Treated (Including the new ACQ treated lumber), Cedar, and Vinyl.
  • Made of DURABLE CLEAR, UV Resistant, Lexan™ equivalent material that can be painted.
  • Unique Overhang Tabs for hands free attachment.
  • Exceptional holding power.
  • Proper gapping with the built on spacer, creates confidence that the decking boards will not be compromised by improper spacing.
  • Easy to install for the average homeowner.

Invisi-Fast Angle Kit

100 Piece KIT- Kit includes 88 pieces with a spacer, 12 pieces without a spacer (for first & last board fastening), 300 ACQ compatible or Stainless Steel square drive deck screws, 1 Square Driver. Covers approximately 50 square feet, based on 12" on center.

400 Piece KIT- Kit includes 360 pieces with a spacer, 40 pieces without a spacer(for first and last board fastening), 1500 ACQ compatible or Stainless Steel square drive deck screws and driver. Covers approximately 200 square feet, based on 12" on center.


100 Piece Kit with ACQ Screws
100 Piece Kit with Stainless Steel Screws

400 Piece Kit with ACQ Screws
400 Piece Kit with Stainless Steel Screws

Angle Fastener Installation

For a printable version of the following steps, click here. [PDF 224 kb]

Step 1: When using the Angled Fastener, you may have to screw the first corner board down from the top, if there is insufficient room to attach fastener from below.

*For a more sound deck and to prevent squeaks, we recommend applying a 3/8” bead of Silicone or Construction Adhesive along joist before installing Invisi-Fast™ hidden deck fastener to help fill in voids and imperfections on the mating surfaces between the joist and deck boards. Not applying adhesive will not compromise stability.

Step 2: Using the Invisi-Fast™ Angle with spacer, slide the convenient overhang tabs under your first deck board for hands free attachment. Then using an approved deck screw, fasten the Invisi-Fast™ Angle to the joist using a lower hole.

We recommend one screw to be fastened into the joist. The other 2 holes are to be used as backups if wood imperfection is present.

Step 3: Secure the deck board by using the corresponding upper hole. Slide your second board into place. Secure deck board by using the remaining upper hole.

Continue this process for the length of the joist.

Note: When 2 boards meet each other on a joist, install an Invisi-Fast™ Angle on each side of the joist.

Step 4: Repeat this process until the last deck board.

Note: Prior to securing the final board, cut your board to size if necessary. Using the Invisi-Fast™ without a spacer, secure the Invisi-Fast™ to the inside perimeter board (rimboard) using the lower hole. Then once all perimeter fasteners are secure, fasten your final deck board using the upper deck board holes.

Using Construction Adhesive
Construction adhesive acts as an insulator, helping eliminate squeaking and creaking after your deck boards have settled, so your deck will sound solid years after installation. Depending on which exterior construction adhesive is required for your climate area, the adhesive also provides additional holding power. 

Requires approximately 2. pieces per sq. foot of deck when joists are 12” on center.

For 12 on center decks, use our handy 12" Calculator to find the right amount of Invisi-Fast Hidden Deck Fasteners for your project.

Use necessary safety precautions when installing Invisi-Fast™ Hidden Deck Fasteners.

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