Invisi-Fast Customer Testimonials

Great product! The fasteners I purchased on my first order are working great. I have to tell you, I like your product better than your competitors. It has been a lot less frustrating and definitely an easier install. David S., Saratoga Springs, Utah

I have tried several of the other systems, and hands down the Invisi-Fast was the winner. The ability to fasten and keep the boards tight was much easier with your fastener, and lining up the next board and placing it on the Biscuit edge was by far the most efficient system. Hal J., Birmingham, AL

I had been looking at a few other invisible decking installation schemes but was not impressed by your competitors. I finally ordered 1-500pc Invisi-Fast 1/8 spacer kit to build my 16x12 deck. I used all SS hardware, Wolmanized frame work, Elk railings, and Procell decking. The Invisi-Fast fasteners/spacers worked out great! I could not be happier with the final results and also the ease of installation! My deck looks beautiful! Keep up the good work! Thank you for the free samples. Bill W., Bunsville, MN

Thanks again for all your help. Your fasteners worked �GREAT.� I will email you some pictures or the deck. It sure looks good with not a screw showing. Ralph B.

I just finished my Trex deck with Invisi-Fast hidden fasteners. I love it! It was so easy to install and no more worrying about catching my foot on nail heads. Larry C., Fayetteville, GA

Just a comment on your product. I am a DIY homeowner. Your fasteners are the best product I have found to date. I wanted to avoid the �mushroom� look of most decks. Your product worked better than your competitors, which I had tried before purchasing yours. A great product so far�. keep up the good work. Ruben D., Glencove, NY

I have just recently discovered Invisi-Fast Deck Fasteners.� I am using them on a mahogany deck project that is 1400 sq ft.� I am impressed with the finished look of your fasteners, and the strength holding the deck boards down.� Matt R., Paradise. PA

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