What is the Invisi-Fast Hidden Deck Fastener?



Are you tired of having to choose what fastener to use depending on the deckboard you are using?  Worry no more.  The Invisi-Fast Hidden Deck Fastening System combines a practical and cost efficient way of fastening virtually every kind of deck board. All of the Invisi-Fast fasteners are produced from extremely tough and durable Polycarbonate resins.  There are no comparisons with other kinds of plastic fasteners, the Invisi-Fast Hidden Deck Fastening System is the strongest on the market.

We know with all the different types of fasteners in the market today, choosing the correct fastener may be difficult.  You have companies telling you that their fasteners work but they don’t.  Others are telling you they are strong and durable but they’re not.  With the Invisi-Fast family of deck fasteners, you can be assured that you are getting a fastener that is designed to work with your deckboard and a fastener that is proven to be the strongest in the market!

Whether you are using a pre-grooved deck board, grooving your deckboards on the jobsite or using solid edge deckboards, Invisi-Fast has all the options for you.  With the Original fastener, you can fasten all the solid edge boards that run perpendicular to the joist.  If you are going to build your deck with the deckboards running on any angle to the joist you can choose the Angle fastener.  Then we have the Biscuit fastener for all of your grooved board applications.

One of the greatest advantages of the Invisi-Fast is the Original Fastener with a No-Spacer option(the Start/Stop Clip).  It allows the user to eliminate face screwing the deck.  You will use them around the perimeter and for the first and last board fastening.  You can use them to secure around posts and beams.  You will even use them to construct your stairs.  They are available in 36, 100 and 500 piece count kits.  Each kit comes with the appropriate number of fasteners, screws, a driver bit for the screws and installation instructions.  You will find many new ways to use the Invisi-Fast No-Spacer with every deck job you do.


Invisi-Fast Biscuit - Trex TBHot Products for Grooved Deck Boards!!

The TXB and the NMB fastener have been hot sellers all year. It is from their ease of use and substantial strength that is drawing customers to them and bringing them back. These fasteners are available in 100 piece and 500 Piece Kits.


Using Steel Joists?

If you are one of the many contractors or consumers to step into the realm of using steel rather than wood joists, please choose Metal Joist Screws from the drop down menu when ordering. Please note that due to the style of screws we are unable to preset these screws.





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Invisi-Fast Hidden Deck Fastening Videos of the Original/Angle Deck Fasteners.

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  • Compatible with Composite, Hardwoods, Treated (Including the new ACQ treated lumber), Cedar, and Vinyl.
  • Made of DURABLE UV Resistant, Lexan™ equivalent material that can be painted.
  • Exceptional holding power.
  • Proper gapping with the built on spacer, creates confidence that the decking boards will not be compromised by improper spacing.
  • Easy to install for the average homeowner.


  • Under deck design helps prevent premature wood rotting around fastener while creating a clean look from above.
  • Will not corrode like galvanized deck fasteners.
  • Screws into the side of the joists preventing premature wood rotting.
  • Invisi-Fast™ deck fasteners cost less per square foot than most other hidden deck fastening systems.
  • The Invisi-Fast™ hidden deck fastener allows for individual board replacement should a deck board ever get damaged.
  • No special tools needed to install.

Hidden Deck Fastener Spacing Options for all types of Decking!

Our INNOVATIVE sizes of Invisi-Fast Hidden Deck Fasteners give you the flexibility you need to properly space ALL types of Decks. Sizes include 1/8", 3/16", 1/4" or no spacer allowing you to gap the deckboards.

For more information, click here.

Invisi-Fast Angle Fastener

Introducing a NEW way to fasten Angle Decking!

Fasten any deck board at virtually any angle with our unique Angle fastener. The Invisi-Fast Angle Fastener uses a cylinder to space your boards so there's no angle it can't handle.

For more information, click here.

Invisi-Fast Plus Fastener

The Solution for Above Deck Installations!

The easiest way to install deckboards from above. Our simple Flip, Attach & Flip method ensures accurate and secure attachment when used with Invisi-Fast with spacers.

For more information, click here.

Invisi-Fast Biscuit Fastener

Available in Five different styles: Invisi-Fast PW(formerly NM), TT, TXB, NMB, PC1, TD and TQ(WITH EITHER 1/8" OR 3/16" SPACING).

Fasten GROOVED deck boards from above with our unique Biscuit fastener. The Invisi-Fast Biscuit Fastener fits perfectly into supported grooved deck boards or create your own groove on any solid plank with unbelievable holding power. Fastens easily from above the deck.

For more information, click here.

Invisi-Fast Kits

When ordering, specify 1/8", 3/16", 1/4" OR NO-spacer.

Kits available with Ceramic Coated,Stainless Steel wood screws. or Stainless Steel screws for metal joists.

Click to order Invisi-fast Deck Fasteners or call 1-866-766-9427

100 piece Original Kit

Kit includes 88 pieces with a spacer, 12 pieces without a spacer (for first & last board fastening), 300 ACQ Compatible Square Drive Deck Screws, 1 Square Driver.
Covers approximately 60 square feet.(16" on center)

100 piece Angle Kit

Kit includes100 pieces with a spacer, 12 pieces without a spacer (for first & last board fastening), 300 ACQ Compatible Square Drive Deck Screws, 1 Square Driver.
Covers approximately 50 square feet. (12" on center)

100 or 500 piece Biscuit Kit

Kit includes 100/500 pieces, 100/500 ACQ Compatible Trim Head Screws, Driver Bit..
Covers approximately 60 square feet for 100 piece kit and 300 square feet with 500 square feet.(16" on center)


400 piece Angle Kit

Kit includes 360 pieces with a spacer, 40 pieces without a spacer (for first & last board fastening), 1200 ACQ Compatible Square Drive Deck Screws, 1 Square Driver.
Covers approximately 200 square feet.(12" on center)

500 piece Original Kit

Kit includes  440 pieces with a spacer, 60 pieces without a spacer (for first & last board fastening), 1500 ACQ Compatible Square Drive Deck Screws, 1 Square Driver.
Covers approximately 300 square feet.(16" on center)

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